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Native American Wreaths
One-of-a-kind keepsake. "Little Tree" is nationally acclaimed for her creative design and decorating talents. Over the years, she has developed a unique style for creating wreaths and related displays. This designer wreath featured on this web site was displayed by Architectural Design Home Show in Dallas, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Diego and Seattle. She has won numerous awards for the design of this wreath and other artwork.

Two designs are offered:

The face is hand molded from clay, with glass eyes and eyeglasses. Real furs are used for hat, hair and beard.

The Native American design consists of buckskin hat with elk fur rim, deer antlers and an elf fur ball at tip of hat, which hangs down in center of wreath.  Tibetan lamb is used to design the beard and hair. Ornaments are native design and natural elements gathered from the Olympic Forest. High-grade silks, pinecones, fruit, berries, willow and root. The wreath is filled and sparkles with white lights. (unless
other wise suggested)

Traditional Design consists of Red crushed velvet hat, white Tibetan fur trim on hat and white fur ball at end of hat, which hangs in center of wreath.  Curly lamb and Tibetan fur create the Beard and hair. Ornaments are natural elements, high grade silks, berries, pine cones and traditional Christmas ornaments and hand painted balls. Filled with white lights. (unless other wise suggested)

Size and prices:

35 Cost is $1.500 each plus shipping.

45 Cost is $2.000 each plus shipping.

48" cost is $ 2.500 each plus shipping.

60" cost is $ 4.000 each plus shipping.

72" cost is $6.000 each plus shipping.

Please see the pictures and close-ups below for a detailed view.

Custom Work by commission is gladly accepted. Please contact Little Tree for more information. Volume production is available and can be deliverable.

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