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Little Tree offers workshops: “one on one” to large groups.

The basic class offers a one hour hands-on interactive workshop and
ceremony for making a rustic Native American drum. All top quality
materials are included: wooden rim, elk and buffalo only.

Drum workshop conducted at Little Trees Gallery are $200.00 pp
Workshops conducted anywhere in the US is $250.00 pp minimum  of 10
designers and accommodations.
Workshops conducted out of the country are $250.00 pp plus airfare and
expenses for two. And an interpreter if needed.

Advanced classes are offered for making larger drums, including the
double-sided 20" healing drum, 30" and 36" pow wow ceremonial and
healing drums

All group workshops must have a facilitator who will make all
arrangements for workshop and collect designers fee before day of
workshop. Little Tree will Gift the facilitator the cost of their

For the latest workshop information, including information on
developing a customized workshop, contact Linda at ltcreate@olypen.com

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